A Reminder to Pray and Give Thanks

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Well, it's Thanksgiving week... and in only a few short weeks it will be Christmas and the close of 2014. As always, the year went sooo fast. We've been in our new home for almost one year and though there is plenty still to do, we've gotten so much done. Including some more-important-than-decorating things -- like how we actually use our home.

As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, I'm glad we've completed this small, but important, project. I've had the chalkboard laying around for quite some time with this intended purpose. Last weekend, when my son and I made his magnet frame, we also worked on this Prayer Chalkboard. We hung a photo of our Compassion Child and talked about how there is a child in another part of the world for which we can pray. As we come across other prayer needs and praises, we'll add them to this board.

I attached magnets to the back of the chalkboard with E-6000 glue and hung it on our fridge. It took a lot of magnets {approx 30-35} because the chalkboard is quite heavy. Luckily, the magnets came in a box of 100, so I had plenty.

We added the chalk doodles and text using the same chalk marker that I used on the map in our dining room.

**All Amazon links are affiliate links.

The chalkboard was a thrifted find -- unlike the chalkboard map that I recently made, which is chalkboard paint applied to glass. I've found that anytime I can buy a real chalkboard {versus DIY-ing one}; it is the best option for regular writing and drawing. The map is decorative and won't be used reqularly -- so it's durability isn't as important.

Below the chalkboard are several bulldog clips that I thrifted at some point, too. Again, I used magnets attached with E-6000 to hang them on the fridge.

My friend, Melissa, shared this free preschool curriculum on her blog a few months ago. I've been using it with my little guy for about 3-4 weeks now and it has been a fun, special time each morning.  We are using the bulldog clips to feature our weekly letter, number and other fun preschool activities.

Along with his magnet frame, the side of our fridge has become a spot to play, learn and grow. It may not be as exciting as a room reveal; but it's a project that I hope will provide us with the tools and daily reminder to teach our son and help him grow -- which is really what "home" is all about anyway.

How do you encourage your family to give thanks? Is there a spot in your home that you love because it represents what home is all about?

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5 Lighting Choices for the Dining Room

Craftivity Designs | November 19, 2014 | 6 Comments so far
We've made a lot of progress in our Dining Room. Today you are getting a sneak peek, and I hope to share much more in the next couple weeks. At this point our remaining big "to do" is choosing lighting.

Currently an old ceiling fan hangs in the center of the room, over the table. The placement of the fixture is perfect; but the style is not. It's not incredibly bright, which I imagine is due to the frosted shades. So in terms of a new fixture we have two main goals:
  • complements the style of the room
  • offers plenty of light
The room is painted grey and a creamy white; contrasted with warm, wood tones and several pops of green.

I'd call the room "transitional" since some of the pieces in the room have classic lines {like the wingback chair and wood furniture} but the accessories are modern in style. The home has a traditional feel in the crown molding, trim and baseboards throughout. We've been trying to balance that with our modern, casual, industrial aesthetic -- going for a modern farmhouse style, like in our recently finished bathroom renovation

The lighting in this room will be a big part of completing this space and giving it a modern vibe. Here are a few styles we are considering along with the pros and cons of each. I'm using options from One Kings Lane, both chandeliers and pendants.

As a Note: If you aren't familiar with OKL, they offer flash deals and have a wide selection of products. Therefore the inventory and prices change regularly -- so I'm not really factoring price into these choices. Once we determine the style we like,  a similar option at a different price point could be offered in the coming weeks. Plus, it's just a great place to find inspiration and hone in on your style. I love the variety of styles that they offer, including both new and vintage products.

#1 Industrial Pendant

Factory 1-Light Pendant

Mike and I both like industrial-style pendants. However, they typically aren't large {this one is only 9" in diameter} and use only 1 bulb. I think this would look great in a set of 3 over a kitchen island; but I'm not convinced it's the best option for a dining room.

# 2 Industrial Chandelier

Downtown 10-Light Chandelier

This chandelier offers an industrial vibe like the pendant, but includes 10-bulbs. With an option like this, we definitely would not have to worry about a lack of light. If anything, it might be too bright since we only have 8 foot ceilings. Installing a dimmer switch might be an easy way to fix that, and still get the industrial look, large size {30" in diameter} and plenty of light that an option like this would offer.

#3 Rustic Chandelier

Winchester 1-Light Chandelier

These have been really popular lately and I've seen plenty of DIY versions, as well. I think a wooden bead chandelier is beautifully rustic. However, we've already got wood beams and wood furniture in this room, so I'm concerned it may be too much of the same texture and tone. Plus, these are typically 1 bulb fixtures.

#4 Modern Crystal Chandelier

Stella 6-Light Chandelier

This light has the classic chandelier feature -- crystals -- but in a modern way. The round shape, mixed with the capiz shells feels modern and glamorous as opposed to traditional and formal. It's a 6-bulb light and I think the crystal would reflect the light in a lovely way, without making the room feel dark. However a large, 20" in diameter, crystal fixture doesn't come cheap.

#5 Modern Fretwork Pendant

36" Don't Fret! Pendant

I like the classic feel of this design, but in a bold color with modern bulbs behind open fretwork. The emerald color would make it a statement piece and the large size {36" in diameter} is great. 

So what do you think? What style are you drawn too?

If you've never shopped One Kings Lane, you can check it out by clicking below {or here if you are reading this via email}.

That is an affiliate link, but this post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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A Simple Tip // Frame Your Child's Magnets

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My little boy and I completed a quick project over the weekend.

It's a pretty easy one. This gold frame hung in the entry way of our old house. I originally picked it up at a yard sale.

He's excited that his magnets have a special spot, and I like that they feel a little more organized and contained.

We attached the frame to the refrigerator with a combination of 3M Mounting Tape and Sticky Tac. This will do for now, but I've ordered some magnets from Amazon {100 for $14!} to use as a permanent solution. I'll attach the magnets to the frame with E-6000 like I did with the picture hangers last week.
All Amazon links are affiliate links.

I had my son help apply the mounting tape and sticky tac before we hung it on the fridge so that he was a part of this easy project, too. After all, it's for his little toys! He was pretty excited when we hung it up.

Do you have play magnets on your fridge? A thrift store frame might be all you need to turn them into a little "Work of Art" for your child.
By the way, we've been doing this "A Simple Tip" Series for awhile. You can click here to see more simple ideas, like this one.

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Kick-Off Friday

Craftivity Designs | November 14, 2014 | Be the first to comment
Happy Friday!  I really love all of this week's ideas-it's a mix of holiday decor, a great gift idea and a beautiful furniture makeover! Let's check out this week's collection:

1. I love this beautiful dresser makeover from Katie from Upcycled Treasures!  The copper pipe pulls look so pretty with the navy blue.

2. Stop by A Beautiful Mess to see how you can make your own marbled clay ring dish like these that Laura created. These ring dishes would make great gifts for friends and family.

3. Hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Create a DIY wooden table runner by following these steps from Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog.

4. If where you live is anything like Kentucky, the cold weather has arrived and snow is unfortunately coming soon.  If you're in the mood for winter, stop by Rambling Renovators to see how you can make your own oh so cute Let it Snow sign for your home.

What projects will you be working on this weekend? Tell us in the comment section below or on our Facebook or Twitter page.  Have a great weekend!

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How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

Craftivity Designs | November 10, 2014 | Be the first to comment
After we removed the shutters from our front porch, there were several screw holes to patch in the vinyl siding.

I began with a little research and vinyl adhesive caulk {affiliate link} was the suggested product -- preferably from the manufacture of your vinyl siding -- so that the color can be matched exactly. However, we didn't install the siding on this house. I'd expect that many of us "inherit" siding when we purchase a house and may not know the manufacture or exact color.

There were several standard shades available on Amazon and we ended up choosing the "Almond" version from DAP {affiliate links}.

The caulk was easy to use. I squirted just a tiny bit into each hole, then wiped it smooth across the surface of the siding.

However, the color was much lighter than our siding. This ended up being a simple fix, using some exterior craft paint.

I purchased several containers at about $1 each until I found the right match. This method was easier than removing a piece of siding from the house to take into a paint store. It was also cheaper than a gallon/quart of paint. Of course, I was patching small holes. If we had to repair a larger section we might invest the cost and effort to get an exact color match.

This small project was one of those annoying little maintenance "to do" items; but I'm glad we took a few minutes to complete it. It really didn't take that long {outside of a couple trips to the store for craft paint} and it will prevent moisture from seeping behind the siding. We wanted to check it off our list before winter weather arrives.

What is on your winter-prep home maintenance list?

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