Kick-Off Friday // 5 Simple Projects

Craftivity Designs | 28 August 2015 | Be the first to comment
I always appreciate a simple project, because sometimes I'm just in the mood for a project with quick results.

  1. Macrame and woven wall hangings often require intricate weaving and investing a fair amount of time. This version is simple and quick.
  2. Use a rug and upholstery pins to update an old {or torn} ottoman.
  3. Create some storage for your pretty coffee mugs using a towel rack.
  4. You won't even need wood to make these vintage signs, only supplies from the craft store are needed.
  5. No need to have sewing skills; this cute, faux embroidered lamp shade is a sweet addition in the corner of a bedroom.
Have a great weekend!

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Fall Print Set // September Giveaway

Craftivity Designs | 27 August 2015 | Be the first to comment
We're heading into a new month, so it's time for another giveaway! Fall is pretty much the best time of the year, in my opinion. I love the cool air, fall sports, holidays, warm drinks... yep, pretty much all of it. 

I'm really excited about this giveaway, which debuts our newest collection of 8x10 prints. We've sold "I Love You More Than" prints since the day our shop opened; but this is a fresh, vintage-style version of one of our original products. With college football starting back, it was the perfect time to launch this fun collection. Our customers have used "I Love You More Than" prints as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, in nurseries and more.

So, this giveaway includes three prints. You'll get a new "I Love You More Than" print with the school of your choice {it does NOT have to be one that we've already listed, we'll make it for you!}; along with two autumn-themed prints. I don't know about you, but as soon as Labor Day is over I'm anxious to start adding some fall decor.

Autumn Pumpkin
Give Thanks

The winner will receive these 3 8x10s from our Etsy Shop. I'll have them professionally printed and shipped to your home.

Enter via the Rafflecopter Widget below. If you are reading this post as an email, you may need to click through to our site in order to view the widget.

The giveaway ends Tuesday, August 4, at 12:00 AM EST.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Time to Get Moving // Removing Wallpaper

Lora | 25 August 2015 | 3 Comments so far
I'll be honest -- I've been dragging my feet.

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Or -- you know -- hanging out at the water park.

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Seriously, though, after removing wallpaper in 4 rooms I have been avoiding starting the next one.  That is, until this past weekend. I bit the bullet and got back at it.

This time, I'm working on the laundry room. It is adjacent to the main level bath and that room was horrible when it came to removing the wallpaper. I spent several hours working on a section that was no bigger than 3 ft x 2 ft. Luckily, the laundry room has been much easier. 

The vinyl layer tears off pretty easily and then after a good soak, the paper layer can be peeled up.

If it's stubborn, one of these multipurpose tools does the trick.

Next on my to-do list is sanding away the glue {well I think the pink layer might be glue?}. I'm more familiar with glue that appears white to slightly yellowed, so the pink throws me off. Does anyone know?

We're tentatively working towards replacing this floor and the bedroom floor in the next month or so. This may mean a lot of in-progress updates; which I hope you enjoy. I know that I like to see other bloggers share the "ugly" on the way to the finished project. It's a good reminder that this stuff doesn't happen overnight.

What project have you been dragging your feet to begin?

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6 Months

Craftivity Designs | 21 August 2015 | 4 Comments so far
It has already been 6 months since our baby girl was born.

Take monthly baby photos using this printable and a clipboard // Craftivity Designs

Purchase the monthly photo shoot prints here.

She likes to....

  • play on her belly
  • watch her brother
  • smile at everyone
  • hold toys in her hands
  • eat sweet potatoes
  • go on hikes
  • splash in the pool
  • sit up in her bed
  • scoot toward her toys
  • ride in her stroller
  • sleep with her hands behind her head
  • go to sleep to her sound-maker
  • look at her hands and feet
  • play with crinkly books 

She doesn't like to...

  • eat apples or baby oatmeal
  • ride in her car seat
  • be put into her car seat 
  • play on her back
  • feel tired
  • take naps

She also didn't like her 2-month photo shoot, apparently ;)

She seems more opinionated than her brother was at this age. He was so relaxed that I'd forget a feeding because he would never cry! She lets us know when she is hungry... or tired or mad. However, the rest of the time she is all smiles. Seriously -- she is just full of smiles and is such a happy baby. And she wins everyone over with that big gummy grin.

Your family loves you to pieces, sweet baby girl -- and Big Brother is so, so, proud of every new thing that you learn to do.

Note: Sorry, no Kick Off Friday today, we've been visiting family and enjoying the State Fair. Have a lovely weekend!!
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What's Going On in the Bedroom?

Lora | 19 August 2015 | 5 Comments so far

How'd you like that for a post title? ;)

Anywho... we are making some more progress -- even though I'm still stuck when it comes to the nightstands.

Master Bedroom mood board // navy walls, gray wood flooring, white bedding, pax wardrobe // Craftivity Designs

We've bought a rug and wardrobes; but they aren't installed yet. Our flooring is picked out and we'll be purchasing it in the next few weeks. 

I really like the idea of sconces, since they would free up space on our night stands. However, we already have several nice lamps, so we'll probably just stick with those.

Master Bedroom mood board // navy walls, gray wood flooring, white bedding, pax wardrobe // Craftivity Designs

As for nightstands, I've pretty much only narrowed down the height and width. Everything else {color, style, finish} is still up in the air. Here are some of the options that I like -- though my 1st choice would be to find some used for about $15-20 and refinish them.

9 Side Tables with storage // use as a night stand // Craftivity Designs

  1. If this isn't too woodsy, the rustic and industrial combo is nice for a reasonable price // Target
  2. A traditional size and shape; but it feels modern in teal // Target
  3. Neutral colors keep this really simple; but the baskets add texture // Target
  4. A mid-century modern vibe with an affordable price tag // Target
  5. Whitewash and distressing turns this basic side table into an accent piece // Overstock
  6. The perfect industrial-style piece // Overstock
  7. Similar to #3, but the darker color makes it feel more modern // Overstock
  8. Modern, clean lines and pretty wood // Overstock
  9. If the faux leather doesn't look cheap, this is a high end style for a good price // Target
Which is your favorite?
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Kick Off Friday // 5 Painted Dressers

Craftivity Designs | 12 August 2015 | 6 Comments so far
If you are new to DIY, one of the easiest ways to transform something that you already own is with paint. So many of us have an old dresser that could use a makeover -- and if not they are so easy to find at yard sales and in consignment stores. Here are 5 beautifully painted dressers to get your creative juices flowing...

5 Painted Dressers // Makeover old furniture with paint! // Craftivity Designs

#1. Paint and stain your way to a mid-century modern styled dresser {and don't forget new legs!}. Check out how Maggie made over a previously plain-jane dresser.

#2. Stripes always offer a graphic punch; and the white paint really modernizes this basic dresser. She didn't even have to switch out the knobs to give it a whole new feel.

#3. This one is a real beauty. Granted, Martha Leone, specializes in painting furniture {and sells it, too}; but there is so much to learn from this piece  -- sometimes aged, antique and layered paint is the best kind of new.

#4. Gray is very trendy right now and I especially like it paired with wood tones. The warmth of the wood keeps gray from feeling too cold. Michelle masters that color combo on this dresser.

#5. This taupe dresser wouldn't be quite the same with silver hardware, gold was most definitely the right choice. Be daring when it comes to hardware and choose something that will really shine.

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Custom Art and New Listings

Craftivity Designs | | 2 Comments so far
I've been pretty busy with some custom art, as well as creating new listings for the shop.

Here's a look...

This was a custom art print... packaged and ready to ship!

Song of Solomon 3:4 // Blue & Lavender Floral

I created this artwork for a friend's bridal shower {as well as this personalized art in a coordinating color}.

If you prefer a more dramatic color palette, you might like this version...
Song of Solomon 3:4 // Black, White & Floral
Both appeal to me personally for different reasons; but I'm thinking about using the first in our navy master bedroom.

My husband's favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11, so I created this one and simply hung it on a clipboard.

I turned this Kentucky print into "We've Moved/New Address" cards for one customer that just moved to the Bluegrass state {which was a really cute idea on her part!}. We also switched it to "Our Old Kentucky Home."

There is plenty more in the shop; but here's a glimpse:

clockwise from top-left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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Baby Shoe Shadow Box

Craftivity Designs | 10 August 2015 | 4 Comments so far
We've made a lot of progress in our entry and have, most recently, been working on the stairs. I've been piecing together a family focused gallery wall along the left side.

Rustic & Industrial Family Focused Gallery Wall for the Stairs // Craftivity Designs

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In effort to give it a collected and casual feel, I've been mixing in some rustic and industrial items, too.

By the way... Several weeks ago, on Facebook, some of you all shared your favorite items to use in a gallery wall -- that aren't photos or art. Check out the suggestions here

One of my favorite items is the kids' baby shoes displayed in a shadow box.

Rustic & Industrial Baby Shoe Shadow Box // Craftivity Designs

This shadow box is actually an old metal bin of some sort {I bought it at this sale}. It wasn't made to hang on the wall so I added picture hangers using this tip.

Note: I gave this Scotch glue a try since I had it lying around. It did not hold, so I went back to my usual glue, E-6000.

I used foam pop dots to attach the baby shoes to the metal. We'll see if this turns out to be a permanent solution or if I have to upgrade to something more heavy-duty.

Rustic & Industrial Baby Shoe Shadow Box // Craftivity Designs

Rustic & Industrial Baby Shoe Shadow Box // Craftivity Designs

Here they are all lined up... aren't baby shoes the cutest?

Rustic & Industrial Baby Shoe Shadow Box // Craftivity Designs

If you're wondering, my baby girl is still wearing her shoes. So they were sticky-tacked up there for the photos; but won't be there permanently until she's quite a bit bigger {her feet are sooooo tiny compared to the size my son's were when he was an infant!}.

Rustic & Industrial Family Focused Gallery Wall for the Stairs // Craftivity Designs

We hung their  baby shoes right below a canvas from our most recent family photo-shoot.

Rustic & Industrial Family Focused Gallery Wall for the Stairs // Craftivity Designs
This gallery wall features so many things that are meaningful to us.... from photos, to souvenirs, to family heirlooms and our favorite Bible verses.

Rustic & Industrial Family Focused Gallery Wall for the Stairs // Craftivity Designs

It's a hard spot to get photos; but I'm hoping to share more of the details with you soon.

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Kick Off Friday // 5 Simple Projects to Get Organized

Craftivity Designs | 07 August 2015 | 4 Comments so far
Whether you have kids heading back to school or not; the end of summer and early fall is a good time to get a few things organized. Especially since the busy holiday season will be here before we know it.

#1 I love this stylish and handy little notebook. Chelsea made it for her daughter; but I'd be happy to have one myself. The pocket would be great for so many things {paint samples, shopping lists, coupons, business cards, etc.}.

#2 Susan made this handy library book shelf for her entryway from a wooden crate. A hanging crate like this would also be great for incoming mail and other documents.

#3 If you've visited the Etsy shop, you know that I'm a fan of watercolor. So this shopping tote from Creative Cain Cabin {or a whatever-you-need-it-to-be-tote!} with watercolor looks like a fun, weekend project.

#4 Sort through everything that is hanging on your fridge -- and then create some washi-tape magnets to make that paper storage a bit prettier!

#5 If you are overwhelmed by all of the artwork, memory and paper storage from school, set up this handy system.

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DIY Thumbprint Ring Dish

Craftivity Designs | 06 August 2015 | 2 Comments so far
I have a quick post today, folks. It's the end of summer and we've been trying to squeeze in a little more water park fun! Our little boy heads off to "real" preschool in a couple weeks {he's just been going to a 3-day preschool/childcare thus far} and we made this little ring dish for his teachers -- who have been WONDERFUL.

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I've used Sculpey Clay a few times before {for a chalkboard, number tags, hand print and dog bone ornaments} and it's a very easy-to-use crafting item.

Easy enough, in fact, that my 4 year old helped with the project. He helped knead the clay, flatten and roll it. Then we used his thumbprint to create the shape of a heart.

Painting the little heart {after the clay has cooled!} makes it pop.

Then we wrote this message on the back:

"A gift for you made with my fingers and my hands."

You can find the tutorial that I used for a Sculpey Clay dish, here.

It's almost the weekend! See you back tomorrow for Kick Off Friday.

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