Easy Anthropologie Holiday Knock-off

While browsing through Anthropologie, I discovered some cute holiday decorations.  I really liked this one (shown below) but felt that $10 for a simple vase filled with glitter was more than I wanted to pay.  I then decided that this was a simple product that could easily be made into a cheap DIY project. Below are the steps for my Anthropologie Holiday Knock-Off that I made for a total of $3.80!


Here is how you can make your own version of this item:

Step 1:  Purchase a glass vase with a cork.

Step 2: Purchase a bottle of glitter in any color you choose. I choose an iridescent white glitter to make the glitter in the bottle have more of a winter/snowy feel to it.

Step 3: Take the cork off the vase and set the vase on a paper towel to catch excess glitter. Begin slowly pouring glitter into the vase (you could use a funnel if you wanted). Pour as much in as you desire.

Step 4: Place the cork securely onto the vase.

Step 5 (Optional):  To give the vase a little more of a holiday feel, I opted to add a tag on the vase.  I simply cut out a small strip of cardstock and then added a hole and cut the end of the strip into a "V" shape.  I then took a Sharpie pen and wrote "Let it Snow" on the tag and took a piece of red twine and tied the tag onto the vase.

Step 6: Place your new vase in with your other holiday decorations and enjoy!

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