Trending: Oh Faux Deer!

Lately I’ve found myself being drawn to the Faux Deer Head trend. However, Mike thinks the idea of hanging any Deer Head, faux or not, on our walls is crazy.

So eager to try out the trend, but not jump in head first, I decided to whip up a little 2D Deer Head artwork for our kitchen. I figured it was safer than starting with the 3D version. Also, it’s just a Christmas decoration, so it’s not anything too permanent.
I added some whimsy too, by repeating the chevron design with the words “Oh Deer” on each side of the main print. And guess what? Not only do I like it, but Mike likes it too!

In case you are considering getting in on this trend, here is some more inspiration from around Etsy.

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Or if you'd like our version of the Deer Head trend, you can purchase this print in our Etsy Shop, and we’ll customize it with the colors you choose!

And lastly, some more glimpses of holiday decor in my kitchen.


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