Thrifty Finds and Re-do's

As if you can't tell already from our previous posts, Lora and I love using thrift store finds in our home!  Below is an old chalkboard I found at a Peddler's Mall in Louisville a couple of years ago. 

The chalkboard started out looking pretty rough, I'm talking covered in funky black wall paper with fruit all over it rough.  I really wish I had a before picture to show you but two years ago I didn't think about needing a picture for a future blog post.  So below is the finished project and here is what I did to it:

1. Cleaned it up, washed the frame and chalkboard parts
2. Took apart the backing and fixed the screws and broken nails (with help from dear ole' dad)
3. Covered the black fruit wallpaper with floral and scalloped cardstock
4. Added a type writer picture that I purchased from this shop on Etsy, it says "Choose Happiness"
5. Used an aqua blue chalk marker like the one here, and wrote one of my favorite verses which is found in Proverbs 31:25

I love the way it turned out and I love that I was able to make it my own!  

Lora and I spent last Saturday making plans for the blog and of course, checking out the local Thrift/Antique/Vintage shops.  Two shops we visited were YesterNook and Seek and Find Treasures.  These are definitely two of my favorite shops in Louisville to visit when it comes to finding cute, unique, and affordable finds for your home. Below are the items that came home with me last weekend.  The best part is the total for all of these pieces was less than $20! Follow our blog by e-mail or on Facebook to read future posts about how I use these items in my home.

1. Green glass antique bowl (YesterNook), 2. Milk glass cup (Seek and Find Treasures)  3. Coral antique candy dish & Old Skeleton Keys (Seek and Find Treasures), Gold Heart Tray (YesterNook), 4. Milk glass mirror (YesterNook)

Another favorite store of mine is Anthropologie.  If you love Anthro too, be sure to check out our February blog series....Anthro Love!
What are some of your favorite stores for home finds?

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