Anthropologie Inspired: Wall Art

This post is part of our Anthro Love Blog Series -- where we are spending February sharing some Love for Anthro by creating our own DIY Versions of some great products. If you'd like to see all of the posts from this series, go here.

I love wall art but so often it is out of my budget.  While browsing Anthropologie, I came across this fun one of a kind drawing. I loved how colorful it was but the $600 price tag was definitely not an option.

Recently, I decided to pull out my old pastels and canvases and make some DIY wall art. I chose to use a canvas panel (instead of a traditional canvas), because it is thinner and provides a hard surface to draw on.
Unfortunately, I was just playing around so I didn't take step by step pics for the blog. However, below is a breakdown of how I used pastels to create my version of this picture.

1. Set up your work space and choose your pastel colors (I chose orange, red, and blue)
Note: Pastels are messy so be sure to lay paper towels underneath the canvas 
2. Draw the basic shapes first---in my drawing, I chose to draw circles
3. Add dimension by blending the pastels together with your fingers, do this SLOWLY until you get the desired blended look. In my example I blended the orange and red colors together but left the blue separate.
4. Use a damp paper towel to wipe off any unwanted chalk residue

Note: Because chalk pastels are messy and easily smudge, you will need to preserve your drawing by lightly spraying hairspray (a trick I learned in elementary school) over the picture.

Supplies and Cost:
I already had these items on hand so this project was free for me to re-create however, below is an estimated cost break down if you were to choose to make one yourself:

Canvas Panel (similar): Approx. $3-$5 depending on size, I used a 9 x 12
Chalk Pastels (similar): Approx. $8-$15 depending on brand
Total: Approx. $11-$20

Have you created any new wall art recently?

Check out our posts next week for more projects in our Anthro Love series!

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