A Lucky Find: Milky Way

Keeping with this week's theme, I will be sharing a lucky find with you today! Click here to see all of this week's lucky finds posts.

When it comes to decorating, I love things that are vintage and feminine.  One of my favorite things to decorate with is milk glass.  I love it's simple, clean design and I love the feminine touch it adds to a space.

While browsing Pinterest one day, I discovered this pin:

Make up brush storage.  Two jars (I chose a square shape), letter cut outs (That were on Clearance!), a hot glue gun, & colerfill (tiny clear beads) to hold the brushes upright in the jars.
Source Unknown

I loved the idea of putting my make-up brushes in a holder in order to have them easily accessible when I am rushing to get ready in the mornings.  I knew that whatever I chose to put my brushes in would need to fit my bathroom/bedroom decor so I wanted something vintage and girly.  While out yard sale shopping last summer, I came across this cute milk glass planter and thought it would be perfect for holding my brushes.

Here is where the lucky part comes into play...this planter was made by the E.O. Brody glass company in the 1960's and you can find it being sold online for $15-$20. I bought this piece at a yard sale for $.10, that's right...one measly DIME! I was thrilled to get it for such a great price! I took it home and placed my brushes inside:

I loved it but felt like it needed something to fill the extra space.  I had some clear plastic iridescent ornaments on hand so I put them inside.  I love how the ornaments look like bubbles!

What lucky finds have you decorated your home with?

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