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Hello, March! It's hard to believe we are in the 3rd month of 2013 already, isn't it? While we were posting all about Anthro Love during February, I've been working on my first home project for 2013 - our entry way.  I'm so excited to start sharing the projects with you!

There are really two spaces that make up our entry way; the garage entrance and the front entrance. Our home is a split level layout. When we were house shopping, this layout seemed to be at least 50% of the homes that were for sale in Lexington. Is that the case everywhere? I was not a fan of this layout at all. But, the house was a great deal and it offered us most of our wants and needs, so we went ahead and bought a split level. (And I haven't regretted it, it has been a great home!)

Since the two entries share wall space and stairs I want them to seem like one cohesive space, from a décor standpoint. As a family, we typically use the garage entrance and our guests use the front entrance. So, with that in mind, a lot of the function needs to be built in to the garage entry way.

I've been pinning some inspiration on my Entry Way board. I'll share some of my favorites!

via Flower Patch Farmgirl

I love the vintage art hanging below the hooks and above the bench. The graphic rug is a nice contrast to all of the weathered pieces {count this as graphic rug #1}.

via Caitlin Wilson Design
I love this mix of vintage frames and modern art -- like the big, pink ampersand and the gold leaf LOVE print. I also like all of the shiny gold elements. And, of course, {graphic rug #2}.

via House of Earnest

Again a graphic rug {#3} alongside more neutral and weathered pieces.

via Country Living

I like some cute duck accessories, but these aren't it for me. However, I do so love the folded quilts laying on the bench. It just gives me a feeling of comfort. Also, notice the vintage art hanging over the bench again?

via  Suellen Gregory
Gorgeous. High Gloss. Blue. Door.

via Live Creating Yourself

Don't you just love the pop of that graphic rug {#4, if you're still counting}. An entry definitely needs a mirror for a hair and makeup check on the way out the door. And I love that wire basket for holding ballet flats.

via Delight by Design

This rug is not-quite-as-graphic, but we'll count it anyway, just for fun {#5}. What a great mix of textures in this photo? I'm especially liking the greenery, basket weave tote and wooden stool up in front of that huge, modern city print.

So I feel confident this entry way will include a graphic rug {wink wink}, some vintage artwork and lots of texture -- but you'll have to stick around to see how it all turns out. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via an RSS feed and you won't miss out!

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