March Madness

It's that time of year again....March Madness!  I hope everyone watched Selection Sunday this past weekend and completed their brackets.  Lora and I are both from Kentucky and being true Kentuckians, we LOVE basketball! We agree on a lot of things -- like our love for DIY projects, home decor, and all things creative -- but one thing we disagree on is sports teams!  Lora is a Kentucky fan while I am a huge Louisville fan.

In honor of our love for basketball, the state of Kentucky, and of course, March Madness, Lora and I are featuring two of our favorite Etsy prints today!  Lora is a little bummed that UK won't be coming to the big dance this year but since they won it all last year, we won't leave them out. See the prints below and support your team!

You can order them as a printable that is e-mailed directly to you.  To order a Louisville or Kentucky print, go here to check out our listing on Etsy!

Also, check out this custom Indiana basketball print that we made for a recent customer:
Let the madness begin and GO CARDS!


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