Oh the Places You'll Go

Lora recently posted about using stickers and a canvas to make wall art.  While Lora took an existing piece of art and used it as a the base of her project, I decided to start with a blank white 12 x 12 canvas (like this one here).  This pin inspired me to use the saying "Oh, the Places You'll Go" from Dr. Suess' book:

for living room, in apple green
source: Kommunicated

This book is special to me as my high school music teacher would read it every year to the senior class on their last day.  The quote reminds me that life is an adventure and you never know where it will take you!

To make my version of this DIY wall art, I placed my stickers on my blank canvas and spelled out the words "Oh, the places you'll go."  Then, I used acrylic paint in aqua and painted the entire canvas, covering the stickers.  Once the paint was dry, I carefully pealed off the stickers to re-veal the finished product:

After making one, I decided to make another in a bright pink/coral color.  This time I use a different style of sticker that was a little more difficult to work with as the ends of the letters had swirls on them making it harder to peal them off.  This one didn't turn out as well because of the type of stickers but you could easily touch up the letters with white paint.

I took the two finished canvases and added them in with two other 12 x 12 canvases that were decorated a different way to create a set of 4.  I hung them up together behind the door in my bathroom where there was a large open space.  I'll share next week on how I created the other two canvases.

Have you tried this project in your home?  If so share with us below how it turned out for you!

This post is part of an ongoing series called "One Project, Two Ways." We'll each tackle the same project - changing up the colors, the style, the materials - whatever - to create it our way! You can see all the posts from this series here.

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