Kick-Off Friday: Derby Edition

This weekend is the Kentucky Derby and it just happens to be in my hometown, Louisville!  In honor of the Derby, this week's Kick-Off Friday is a collection of my favorite Derby or Kentucky themed items on Etsy.

1. The Derby is all about big hats!  I love how the peacock feathers give this hat just the right about amount of fun and color!  Check it out on Etsy here!

2. How fun would it be to throw a bridal shower in a derby theme? Mountainpaper has a great Etsy listing for these adorable Derby themed shower invitations!

3. I love how colorful and festive these jockey tumblers are--perfect for your Derby party!

4. This vintage Derby postcard would be perfect in a gallery wall collection! If you needs some tips on creating a gallery wall, check out Lora's post here.

5. Having a Derby party? This set of Derby themed photo-booth props are awesome and will definitely liven up any Run for the Roses event!

6. Hats aren't just for the ladies at Derby time!  Check out this Men's boater hat from Masinaco.

7. Another great print for your gallery wall or art collection!  I love the colors used in this piece and how they give it a vintage flair.

8. "The Sun Shines Bright on my Old Kentucky Home" is a song that is always sung at the Derby and a song that has a special meaning to all Kentuckians.  Lora actually designed this print and you can check it out in our Craftivity Designs Etsy shop!

It's time to get your Derby weekend started!  I hope everyone has a wonderful first weekend in May and a great Derby day!

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