A Soapy Situation

I love turning everyday items into something more appealing!  For example, I wasn't too excited about the look of the normal soap powder box...so I decided to change it up!

I found a large glass jar at Wal-Mart for less than $10 and it was the perfect size to hold a box of soap powder. I added a chalkboard label (purchased from Groopdealz) and used a bright yellow chalk marker to label the jar.

I needed a scoop for the jar and thought that a cute teacup in my laundry room colors (yellow, blue, and green) would be perfect.  Unfortunately, I haven't found that perfect teacup in the stores so instead I decided to DIY with a plain white coffee cup instead.  All it took was doodling with some colorful Sharpies and now I have a cute teapcup scoop!

I love the way it looks inside of my soap powder jar!  It definitely makes doing laundry more colorful and almost more fun :)

How do you feel about your soap powder box?  How do you change everyday items into something more appealing?

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