Vintage Bridal Shower Menu (& Free Printables)

Several weeks ago I shared the Bridal Shower that I co-hosted for my {now} sister-in-law over at A to Z Celebrations  {if you missed it, go here}.

In our guest post, I shared a little bit about the decorations -- how to decorate for a party {and stay on a budget} by using items that you already own and creating a focal point.

But there are still so many little details I want to share with you! Hopefully your tummy isn't empty, because it will probably be growling by the end of this yummy post :)

The whole menu began with the drinks. Thinking of a traditional bridal tea, but being very aware of the hot and humid temperatures, we decided to serve flavored iced teas.

The Drinks

There was plenty of tea and we chose small 9oz cups so that everyone could feel free to taste test each flavor. Also, just in case someone wasn't a tea drinker we had iced water with lemon.

The shower was mid-afternoon, so we didn't need to provide a full meal and that allowed us to have a little fun with the menu.

The Food

You'll see in some of the photos the signs we used to mark the Tea, Fruit and Desserts. The white frames are from Ikea. They are inexpensive and perfect for parties. I have 3 and have used them for several parties, including my little guy's second birthday.

If you'd like the Tea, Fruit and Desserts free printable file, click here.

I loved how these heart-shaped watermelon bites looked and tasted. So easy, too. Cut your watermelon into slices and then use a cookie cutter to cut out each piece.

The pretzel rods and marshmallows were dipped in white candy melt (Amazon Affiliate link) and then covered with sprinkles that coordinated with the color scheme.

As pretty as all the sweets were, the show-stopper on the serving table was the cupcake wedding dress.

My mom found the inspiration for this cupcake gown on Pinterest and we recreated the look with sugar pearls (Amazon Affiliate link), pink sprinkles and a carnation.

To treat the Bride extra special, she had a place card, cupcake dish, tea cup and saucer.

To download the Bride Place Card free printable file, click here.

I hope you'll come back next week for details about the shower games that we played and some more free printables!

If you still need a gift for the Bride and Groom, check out these prints in our Etsy Shop.

Chalkboard Wedding Date - 8x10 Print
Song of Solomon 3:4 - The One Whom My Soul Loves - 8x10 Print

Housewarming "Bless This House" Home Address - 8x10 Print


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