4 Steps to Hosting a Shower & 25+ Theme Ideas

I am already an Aunt to two sweet little boys and in a few weeks, I'll have another nephew and baby niece too! It's an exciting time in our family as BOTH of my sister-in-laws are expecting and are due within weeks of each other. In anticipation of the new arrivals, my mom and I hosted a double baby shower over the weekend. We had been planning it for months and it was so much fun to see everything come together. Today, I thought I would share the 4 steps we followed to plan and organize the shower.

1. Decide on a theme. 

Since the shower we hosted was for a boy and a girl, you might assume that we chose pink and blue but we didn't! The mom-to-be isn't a fan of pink or purple so we went with yellows for the girl related decorations.

Choosing a theme can be as detailed as you would like it to be. Some hosts choose to stick to a certain color scheme while others prefer a full fledged theme. Personally, I like having a theme as I feel it gives you a direction to go in which helps when planning other aspects of the shower. 

It's important to remember the personality and likes/dislikes of the mother or bride to be when planning the theme and colors of the shower.

Once you've decided on your theme or color scheme, it makes planning the decorations, food, invites and more so much easier!

Below are some theme ideas that I found on Pinterest including Lora's idea for a Vintage Pink and Burlap Bridal Shower. Next week, I'll start sharing the details of the shower mom and I hosted but I'll share a secret with you...the theme was Bows & Bowties!

2. Develop Ideas. 

Research Pinterest and/or blogs to get ideas for food and decorations that fit the showers theme or color scheme.

Keep in mind the mother or bride to be's favorite foods and/or any food allergies they may have when choosing a menu.  

To plan our shower, Mom and I used shared Pinterest boards separated into topics (Food, Decorations, and Games).  This allowed us to share ideas in a common place that was easily accessible.

How to Share Pinterest Boards

Click on the board that you want to share and click the "edit" box. In the "Who can pin?" box, begin typing the name or e-mail addresses of the person or persons you want to share the board with.  Click the invite button to the right after typing each name or e-mail.

Once you are done inviting people, click the red save changes button.

3. Make a plan. 

Figure out the specific details of the event. When and where will the shower be held? How many people are you planning for? Depending on the time of shower, how much food/what type of food is needed?  To help you with your planning, I've created a Shower Planning Sheet that you can download and use for free, just click here

4. Create lists and stay organized.  

Mom and I created multiple lists while planning for the shower.  Our lists included the guest list, menu/food list and decoration lists.

In case you have a shower to plan, I'm sharing all of our planning lists for free! Just click below to download the files:

So those are my tips!  And just as a teaser, I'm sharing with you a glimpse of the shower held last weekend.

So excited to share more with you next week! Happy Wednesday!

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