Creating a Photo Booth for Kids

During the summer, I volunteer at my churches Vacation Bible School by teaching crafts to the six year old class.  Each year, we take the kids' pictures and create a picture frame that they can use to hold their yearly VBS pic.  This year,  I chose to create a fun Photo Booth area in our classroom where we could take cute pics of the kiddos.  To create the photo area, I used different colored streamers (in the VBS theme colors) and props. I also added a "Photo Booth" sign at the top of the streamers to add more color.

I love the look of the streamers and the fact that it was easy to create.  I simply cut the streamers the length I desired and taped them to the wall.  The props I used included:



Other Items:

I made the "I love VBS" & "I love Jesus" signs by cutting out cardstock paper in a callout shape and taping it to a dowel rod.

The kids loved the photo area and they created some really funny pictures to share with their family and friends! This type of photo booth would be great for a kids birthday party! Have you ever created a photo area for a party or event? If so, what did you make it out of and what props did you use?

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