Kick-Off Friday

It's time again for me to share some weekly inspiration with you.  I really loved the projects Lora and I found this week and can't wait to show let's get started!

1. I'm a big fan of decorating with books and I love how Chelsea created these bright and colorful fabric covers for her book decor.  Check out her blog, Two Twenty One for the step by step details.

2. Boxes are great for storage and these bejeweled lacquered boxes add style to organization!  Visit Freckles Chick to see how these boxes were bejeweled using earrings. 

3. As I said last week, I love state decor--it's cute, fun, and personalized.  Go here to see how this beautiful project was created.

4. These fabric alphabet letters would work great as home decor (wall art?) or as kids toys.  Visit Handmade in the Heartland for all the info on creating your own set of these pretty letters.

5. Use chalkboard paint on your flower pot and never forget how to care for the plant.  Click here to see more pics and details.

Enjoy your weekend and come back next week for more inspiration!

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