For the Love of Gold: The Frames

Recently I posted about a project using a gold leaf paint pen, check it out here!  Let me warn you...using a paint pen can be addicting. After adding polka dots to my white ceramic ampersand, I starting looking for other items in my home to add a little gold touch.  Two frames caught my eye that I felt could use a little sparkle:

Frame #1

This frame and DIY print was given to me as a gift from a sweet friend.  The bright green paper in the frame matches perfectly with the blue, yellow, and green colors in my laundry room. I loved the wicker look but wanted to brighten it up some.

I simply colored the entire frame with the gold pen, which was a nice relaxing craft after a long day. I love the finished look and shine it has now!

Frame #2

This frame is part of my bedroom gallery wall that is currently a work in progress.  It started as a plain brown frame that I painted with ivory paint.  I decided to use the gold paint pen to add a gold touch to two of the corners of the frame. I love how the gold corners add a touch of sparkle!

If you like that print, you can find the free printable here. Lora used it in her entry way gallery wall too!

Have you used a paint pen to add decoration to any of your home decor?  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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