Framed Greeting Cards

While out shopping this weekend with Lora, I found this cute card on sale at Anthropologie.  I love the colors, floral print, and the french saying which means "I love you."  I took French for 6 years and I love the language so I knew it would be a special addition to my work in progress bedroom gallery wall.

While at Feather your Nest in Lexington, I came across this small frame that I knew would be the perfect size to hold my new card.

The frame has detailing on the corners and around the inner perimeter. I love the way the card looks in it!

After creating my first framed greeting card, I decided to create another one using a card I purchased on the Target dollar spot earlier this summer.  The bright coral and gold colors match many of the other decorative pieces in my room.  

To frame the card, I used a 4 x 6 gold frame from the Dollar Tree.  The card was a little too small for the frame size so I simply cut strips off the back of the card and taped them to the sides to extend the length. 

I love how simple and affordable these pieces were to create.  I can't wait to add them to my gallery wall! Have you ever used a greeting card in your home decor?

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