Kick-Off Friday

It's Kick-Off Friday time!  I hope all of you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday. Are you ready for some inspiration from some great bloggers?  Here we go!

1. Looking for way to clear trash from your car?  How about using an adorable straw bag on the back of the seat.  Check out Dimples and Tangles for more info.

2.  These hanging dish towels are too cute!  The best part is you can take a towel you already own and make into a hanging one--no sewing required!  Visit The Lettered Cottage to see the step by step details.

3.  Need to jazz up a vase or planter?  Why not add some rope for a simple and classic look.  Go here to see how you can create your own.

4. Gretchen did a great job creating a fun way to display souvenir plates in her sunroom.  Visit her blog, The Boxy Colonial to see more pics!

Have a fantastic weekend!  See you next week for more projects and inspiration!

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