Kick-Off Friday

Welcome to Kick-Off Friday!  Ready to be inspired for your weekend projects? Let's see what this week's round-up includes:

1. Emily did a fantastic job doing a quick makeover on an IKEA nightstand.  I love how she added the gold touches! See the before and after here.

2. How cute is this state art made on a wood plaque?  I love how she added the orange chevron paper--so fun!  Visit A Glimpse Inside to see the step by step details.

3. Chi Wei did a great job re-finishing this old card catalog.   It looks brand new! Go here to see more pics.

4. I love this DIY Batik blanket!  So pretty!  Visit Effortless Style to see how Camila created this fun & colorful blanket!

That's all for this week-now go be creative and tackle those weekend projects!  See you next week!

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