Kick-Off Friday

I promise after the holiday's I'll get back to sharing other ideas with you, but for now, there are way too many great holiday decorating ideas that I must share with you first!

1. Add a little fun to your holiday decorations with these DIY "joy" wooden letter tiles. Go here to see how Taryn created her set of letters.

2. Bottle brush tree tutorials are popping up all over blogland but my favorite has to be these adorable colored trees by Bev from Flamingo Toes.  Check out her blog here to see how you can create your own.

3. I love these DIY foam "noel" marquee letters--such a creative idea!  Check out Jen's post on her blog, Tater Tots and Jello to see the step by step details.

4. These cute paper ornaments are an affordable way to dress up your tree.  The best part is there are many different colors and patterns of paper so you can create your own unique set! Go here to see how Stephanie Lynn created her own ornaments. 

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