New Year. New Home!

Last week I promised some big news... we are in our new home. Yippee!

We moved the Saturday right before Christmas. It was tons of work, super busy, and due to some traveling with the holidays -- we are pretty much still surrounded in boxes. Oh, and we still don't have wi-fi... so that has made the blog posting a little slow-going as well.

Erica took some time off work, and blogging as well -- so there is no Kick Off Friday today {but if you are itching for some inspiration you can check out all the past Kick Off Fridays here}.

For today, a tour of our new home!


We have the most beautiful, huge, magnolia tree sitting in our backyard.You'll definitely see some magnolia leaves in our 2014 Christmas decorations. #only355daysleft


From the foyer you can head into the dining room, living room, upstairs or down the hall to the kitchen. I've already got plans for a multi-functional dresser in here.


The sliding glass doors open onto the deck, the doors on the left into the kitchen and the doors on the right into the laundry/bath area.


Technically this is a formal living room, but we have a large dining room table and we love the idea of eating by the fire. 

This is a gas fireplace -- does anyone have any tips? Our last home, had a wood-burning fireplace, so this is totally new to us.


The cabinets in the kitchen are such great quality, with pull out shelves and tons of drawers. AND we have a pantry! It gets it's own picture, because I'm that excited about it.

Oh -- and by this point in the home tour you may have started noticing the wallpaper? Maybe you missed it... no? 


The room that sold the house. The end.


Ok, well, this "room" helped sell it too. In addition to the sunroom there is a covered deck right outside it overlooking the backyard.


This space is small but really convenient. The laundry room is right off the garage so the space acts as a mini-mudroom of sorts. Also, since it's next to our family room {aka. TV room}, it's easy to go flip a load of laundry on commercial breaks.


Unfortunately, the pretty hardwood floors don't extend upstairs but this carpet is in pretty decent shape. Therefore, it will probably be a down-the-road change for us. The bedrooms are pretty average sized, with the master a bit smaller than in our last home.


This photo isn't the greatest... but the general story is green tub // green toilet, floral wallpaper // birdhouse border & pink laminate flooring. After a couple of weeks living here, we've decided this room will be our first big renovation project.


There is one more bedroom, though I've misplaced the photo. But rest assured, there is wallpaper in that room too.

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