DIY Succulent Planter

I've got a simple tutorial today, but it's a great opportunity to take advantage of a spring day and inject some green into your home!

Last September I picked up 5 succulents for 50% off since it was the end of the season. I left them in Mike's office at the time since we hadn't actually moved. The other day he casually said "I hope I haven't killed those plants you bought" and I was all -- Oh My Goodness!! I had completely forgotten them and they were actually intended for our house once we finished moving and now we have let them die.

Well, in fact, they weren't dead at all. The photo above is exactly how they looked when he brought them home. He had watered them a few times here and there; but they still received a good deal of neglect... and they still looked great. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, that is my kind of plant.

Here is what you'll need:

The first step is filling the base of the bowl with the glass beads or rocks. I didn't have enough glass beads on hand, so I bought a bag of rocks to add to it and cover the bottom. This gives the water somewhere to drain, since this bowl doesn't have holes to drain water.

Once the rocks fully covered the bottom of the bowl, I started adding in the plants. A good tip is to place all of your plants in first, to decide on the arrangement ahead of time.

Place the largest plants first. I chose to set them across from each other in the bowl.

One of the succulents was low and spread out, so I used it on the 'front' side and placed the other two small {and skinny} plants on the 'back' side. Here's my arrangement:

Once you like your arrangement, take them all back out. Use your soil to fill in along the sides of the bowl first, because it will be harder to get to these areas after the plants have been placed.

Then, instead of putting them back into the bowl in the same order as you did before, follow along the sides of the bowl. As you place a plant, surround it with soil before you continue on to the next succulent.

Now you've packed plenty of soil between each succulent and have an attractive arrangement! Our planter is currently the centerpiece on our dining room table.

There are 3 large windows in this room, so I think it will get plenty of light; but I'll be watching them to make certain they do okay.

Have you planted anything green yet this spring? What was it? Are you like me and looking for opportunities to complete projects outside -- just to enjoy some spring weather?

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