A Superhero Birthday Party

What a fun day!

It seems like we were just celebrating his second birthday a few short months ago; but this little guy is already a big three year old.

He loves chocolate, so I used this recipe to make his cake. I've made it twice and haven't quite mastered making it look pretty; but the taste is ah-mazing. Try it!

He loves superheroes nearly as much as chocolate. I designed this invitation in Photoshop to ask all his Superhero friends to join in the celebration with us.

5x7 invitation available on Etsy in our shop
We greeted each guest with this chalkboard message, some balloons and the DIY pom-pom garland from his second birthday. 

As each kid superhero arrived, they started making a mask and shield using colored pencils, crayons, ribbon, and stickers. The shields were inspired by this party and are made from a paper plate, staples and ribbon.

get the mask printable in our shop as part of the Superhero Birthday Kit
 These shields and masks came in handy, when it was time to defend or destroy the "city."

yes, of course, the faces are blurred to protect their superhero identities
The "city" was simply cardboard boxes covered in bulletin board paper. The kids had a lot of fun knocking them down {and setting it back up} over and over.

The party was at 2:00 in the afternoon so the food was simple... finger foods and cake. Each serving dish got a little superhero themed label attached with a clothespin.

Similar to the food labels, I topped the cake with paper straws and superhero phrases.

The cake toppers and food labels are included in our Superhero Birthday Kit with the printable masks.

When I decorated the serving table, I really wanted a "3" to be the focal point, like the watercolor banner last year. Using washi tape, clothesline, scissors and an empty frame; I put together this quick project.

Since we just moved into this house, there is still a large frame hanging above the fireplace from the previous owners. I decided to turn it into a little birthday decor with a roll of polka dot wrapping paper.

I wrapped some of our son's gifts in coordinating paper and stacked them on the mantle with blue bottles, more pom-pom garland and some photos.

All of the decorations were items we already owned or something we borrowed. I always feel like we spend enough money on the food and favors, that I try to save money with the decor.

Speaking of the favors, we stuck all of them in a metal pail, ready to hand out to all the kids.

Each favor bag included:
- 2 Superhero Sayings Bracelets // Amazon
- 2 Super Bright Finger Flashlights // Amazon
- 1 Light-Up Superhero Sticker // Walmart
- Starbursts
amazon links are affiliate links

The finger flashlights were a big hit -- but it did take a few tries to figure out exactly how they worked. Once everything was stuffed in the baggie, I folded over the top and stapled a printable favor bag topper {also included in the Superhero Birthday Kit}.

My little guy had a blast at his party, especially blowing out the candles and being a superhero with his friends. He needed a good long nap afterwards and has been singing "Happy Birthday to Me" over the last two weeks.

Hope you have a SUPER day :)

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