Kick Off Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope all of you have had a great week and are ready to check out this week's round-up of great project ideas!

1. This wooden crate by A Thoughtful Place on I Heart Organizing is both pretty and functional.  Stop by here to see how you can update a wooden crate with cute paper and decoupage paste.

2. These faux marble knobs from A Beautiful Mess look fantastic!  Visit here to see the great step by step pictures and details for how to make your own set of knobs.

3. Add some nautical fun to your home with this cute DIY striped stool.  Check out Lolly Jane to see more!

4. Looking for a new summer wreath?  Why not make your own!  Go here to see how you can create this colorful wreath for under $5!

I hope you enjoyed this week's project ideas and are ready to conquer your weekend projects.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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