Kick-Off Friday

Welcome to Kick-Off Friday-let's check out this week's collection of project ideas!

1. Painting with watercolors is so much fun!  I love these DIY agate watercolor pictures that Christine from First Home Love Life painted.  Go here to see more pictures.

2. Looking for some new wall art?  Why not create some scripture word art using paint and a DIY wooden box frame. Check out Lake Girl Pants to see more details.

3. These mineral photo holders from A Beautiful Mess are so pretty and simple to make! Visit here to see how Emma created her set of photo holders.

4. Need to get organized this weekend? Check out this DIY herringbone bulletin board project from Spark and Chemistry.

That's all for this week's collection!  What projects will you be tackling this weekend? Share below in the comments.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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