A Simple Tip // Update a "Builder-Basic" Mirror

When we started planning our bathroom renovation it was a goal to reuse a few pieces. This included updating our mirror and painting the frame white {you can see that in the mood board}. However, after the room started coming together and I saw this photo, I decided to go with a wood tone.

Coincidentally, the mirror was already wood...

...but it was not the look I was envisioning. It felt really "builder-basic" in it's golden stain and perfect match to the vanity.

We had spent a little extra money on this renovation than we had originally planned; so I really wanted to make this mirror work. All it took was some sanding and a couple coats of stain to give it a whole new look. If you've got a builder grade mirror in your home, this might be the perfect solution!

  First, sand the frame just enough to remove any glossy finish.

Tape off the edges of the mirror to protect it from the stain. However, if some stain does get on the mirror, it is pretty easy to scrape off.

Use a rag to lightly stain the frame and follow the wood grain. Since my frame had been coated with stain and poly in the past, it didn't soak up this dark stain much {unlike the unfinished wood that I used for the bathroom shelves}. I gave it two coats to get the right color. Obviously, you'd adjust the number of coats based on how your mirror frame absorbed the satin.

I was really pleased with the finished color. It's much deeper than before and it lacks that golden hue. It works perfectly with this farmhouse style bath and didn't cost a penny since we already had the stain on hand!

Do you have a boring mirror that could use an update? Stain is quick and easy and lets the beauty of the wood be the focal point.

And, yes, I need to clean those streaks off my mirror ;)

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