A Special Birthday Bouquet + A Coupon Code!

Disclosure: The Bouqs provided flowers for this review. All opinions are my own and are a reflection of my experience with The Bouqs Company. This post contains affiliate links.
Do you know someone with a birthday, anniversary or other special day coming up?  If so you will want to read on and learn about this great gift idea!

My mom's birthday was last week and as a special gift, I had flowers delivered to her from The Bouqs Company.  I chose the Confetti Flower Bouquet because of it's bright colors which I knew she would enjoy!

via The Bouqs
The flowers arrived in a cute box -- along with the note that I had written for her birthday. We placed the roses in a vase with water and used the plant food that was provided in the box. The flowers were beautiful and she loved them!

Prior to ordering these flowers, I had never heard of The Bouqs but after checking out their website, I was sold on trying them out!  Here are some of the great features that The Bouqs Company offers...


Flowers range from $40 for a small bouquet (such as a dozen roses, etc.) to $70 for the deluxe package or $50 for the medium size in between.  The best part is that those prices already include the shipping cost, so there are no extra fees!

original bouquet {small} // deluxe bouquet {medium} // grand bouquet {large}


The Bouqs company waits until an order is placed before they pick the flowers. This ensures that your flowers will be fresh and beautiful. Plus, the flowers hold up well -- my mom's flowers continued to blossom days after they were delivered!


The Volcano Collection flowers grow on the side of a volcano in South America -- how cool is that?? These flowers grow close to the equator which means that they receive more sun and have bright, vibrant colors! Mom's flowers were full of beautiful, vibrant and colorful roses! The colors were unique and unlike the selection I typically find at local stores.

We all know that life is busy these days and it can be hard to remember every special day but The Bouqs Company is here to help! They offer a concierge service which allows you to send flowers every year for someone's birthday, anniversary, a holiday, etc. They remember the special days for you, and you can save up to 25% by setting up a concierge account for those special events.

Want to learn more? Stop by The Bouqs website to check out their great selection of beautiful flowers.  Use the code WELCOME15 to receive 15% off your first order or simply click the banner below.

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