Custom Prints and a Nursery

Recently we completed a sweet little set of custom prints.

This trio of prints was designed for a nursery. I love talking with our clients, from learning what has inspired the art {in this case, a new baby!} to seeing their choice of color combinations. In this case, the colors were based on the nursery she was already putting together for her little one.

I love the monotone mix of blues with a few pops of color. So... now our client has inspired me! Even though I didn't see her nursery, it got me wondering what a room -- inspired by these prints -- might look like.

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 1 // Create a cloud mobile {DIY from white cardstock or posterboard} to hang above the crib.
 2 // Buy a modern crib {this one is only $199 from}. Pair it with a handmade quilt.
 3 // Set up a reading, nursing and rocking nook. Invest in a stylish glider than can be used in any room later on. Skip the matching footstool and pair it with a versatile pouf instead.
 4 // An overdyed rug won't show spills and wear. Plus, it's sophisticated enough to work in a big kid room too.
 5 // Choose a stylish toy box that could easily work for clothing, sports equipment and more as they get older.

I think this nursery mood board would work great for a girl or a boy... and the pieces are so classic that they aren't limited to a nursery {except the crib, of course}.

If you've been looking for the perfect art for a space, check out our listing on Etsy for Custom Artwork.We'd love to design it for you!

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