Bathroom Renovation // A Look Back...

On Monday, I'll be sharing the reveal of our bathroom renovation... so excited! For today, I wanted to document the sights, sounds and smells of our first-ever reno because even though these photos aren't pretty, they remind us of all we did! I guess this post is kind of a "scrapbook" for me -- a way to document our home before, during and after.

I know you'll want to pin every one of these photos, ha!

We'll remember...

Busy wallpaper, sticky adhesive, hot steam and potent DIF {**Amazon links are affiliate links} for days on end.

A single Ikea floor lamp -- reminding me of this guy -- peeking in from the hall.

Old smelly flooring and some un-identified toilet gunk. Not that we wanted to identify it -- some things are best unknown ;)

An entire tub of pink drywall spackle and a full gallon of KILZ primer were a huge improvement. Really we could have just stopped there...

...but, the sound of leaky pipes and emptying a bucket each day kept us going {oh, and not having a sink... or a floor}.

Holes that you could fit a fist into... or a small child {no, Mom, we didn't try}.

Drywall dust, mud and tape as we attempted to fix those holes {nevermind that the plumber had to tear most of it right back open a few days later...}.

Thanks for re-living the last several months with me... and I can't wait to show you the finished product!

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