No-Sew Chair Back Covers

Flanking each side of our dining room buffet are upholstered linen chairs.

I had a pillow on each one; but they felt too big for the depth of the chair. Pillows still aren't out of the question; but I'd have to find some small ones. In either case, I thought something draped over the chair back would make a nice impact, without taking any space from the seat.

I used the same product that I used for my No-Sew Window Shade. {**all Amazon links are affiliate links}

The fabric is an upholstery remnant I picked up at Hancock Fabrics. I always check their remnant bin - specifically for upholstery fabrics. Many times there is nothing of interest; but sometimes you can find steals on a beauty like this fabric.

Since I just shared the tutorial for using Heat-n-Bond on the shade recently {click here to see it}, I'll skip step-by-step details and just give you a few photos of the process and finished product.

iron the tape // peel of the paper packing // fold over and iron // repeat for each side // enjoy!
If I find some little pillows to add eventually, that's great. If not, I'm really pleased with how this end of the dining room is coming together. The pillows would just be a bonus!

Now to do some more work on the other end... we're moving our dining cabinet in and have a fireplace to paint, so there is still plenty more to do!

Could you use a chair back cover? If you've got some pretty, but plain, chairs -- this is a simple solution! Have you ever used a no-sew hem tape before? What has your experience been?

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