Custom Watercolor Effect Artwork

When I shop for artwork, I realize two things:
  1. I'm cheap {can I use "frugal"? I feel like it sounds nicer than "cheap"}
  2. and I'm picky.

When I say "picky" I'm not referring to being some kind of art expert... instead I just mean things like:
These are all very technical artistic evaluations, I know.

Anyhow, sometimes it just makes more sense to create something myself. This solves problem #1,  because it's definitely cheap frugal, and it solves problem #2 also.

Our bathroom actually has several pieces that I made especially for that space; but today I'm talking about my favorite of those three.

I remember singing this simple little tune as a child in church. Since the bathroom is where we get ready for the day and ready for bed, it seemed like the lyrics were just perfect for this space.

The other art in the room was more graphic {like this and this}, so I chose a watercolor effect for a softer touch. This print is a simple reminder as to the focus of our day.

You can purchase a similar version in our shop!

If you like this print; but have other lyrics or a quote that would be more meaningful in your home -- we would love to make you a custom print.

Have a happy Monday!!

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