Kick-Off Friday

Welcome to Kick-Off Friday! Let's check out this week's round-up of weekend project ideas:

1. Check out A Beautiful Mess for a fun & quick weekend project involving craft sticks, a mirror, and spray paint!

2. If you're heading to IKEA this weekend, be sure to pick up an Expedit so you can create a beautiful DIY card catalog like this one created by Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches.

3. While you're painting your nails this weekend, use a little extra polish to create your own set of DIY marbled planters.  Stop by Oh Joy! to see the step by step details.

4. I'm not much on decorating for seasons but I love this wooden hexagon pumpkin that Randi from Dukes and Duchesses created--too cute!  Go here to see how to make your own.

That wraps up this week's collection, be sure to come back next Friday for more great ideas!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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