Painting a Room White // 10 Beautiful White Bathrooms

White rooms have been a huge trend over the last several years. It took me awhile to warm up to the idea and it wasn't until our bathroom renovation that we actually painted a room white.

I wanted our bathroom to feel warm and bright. There is only one small window in the room, so I knew white paint could definitely aid in brightening the space.

Even though I'd seen so many beautiful white rooms online -- I kept asking myself "Would white walls make it feel cold or sterile?" When I originally suggested white walls to Mike, he was skeptical as well.

Pinterest can be a time-suck and feel like a never-ending to do list... but when it comes to visualizing a possible change in my home, I find it so helpful. Here are some beautiful bathrooms that helped me feel confident about choosing white paint -- along with the details that kept the space feeling warm, welcoming and unique.

clockwise from top-left: blonde wood // antique wood furniture // varied wood tones
bold tile // bold stripes

clockwise from top-left: small grey tile // large grey tile // grey tile and grey bathtub

green and white // navy and white

Each of these rooms feel bright, warm and inviting -- even though they are white. I incorporated each of these concepts in our bath makeover.

So which white paint did we choose? Anyone who has shopped for a white paint knows there are so many choices. I wanted a pretty "true" white with little undertones. We brought home a handful of paint samples, hung them on the wall for several days and narrowed them down until we agreed on Delicate White by Porter Paint

This was the first time I had used Porter Paint and I was incredibly pleased. I never really understood how paints could be that different. However, since painting the bathroom I haven't used any other brand of paint. We used the Hi-Hide Interior Latex Paint and it goes on smooth and quick with great coverage.

If you are interested in seeing some more lovely bathrooms, check out our Pinterest board.

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