How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

After we removed the shutters from our front porch, there were several screw holes to patch in the vinyl siding.

I began with a little research and vinyl adhesive caulk {affiliate link} was the suggested product -- preferably from the manufacture of your vinyl siding -- so that the color can be matched exactly. However, we didn't install the siding on this house. I'd expect that many of us "inherit" siding when we purchase a house and may not know the manufacture or exact color.

There were several standard shades available on Amazon and we ended up choosing the "Almond" version from DAP {affiliate links}.

The caulk was easy to use. I squirted just a tiny bit into each hole, then wiped it smooth across the surface of the siding.

However, the color was much lighter than our siding. This ended up being a simple fix, using some exterior craft paint.

I purchased several containers at about $1 each until I found the right match. This method was easier than removing a piece of siding from the house to take into a paint store. It was also cheaper than a gallon/quart of paint. Of course, I was patching small holes. If we had to repair a larger section we might invest the cost and effort to get an exact color match.

This small project was one of those annoying little maintenance "to do" items; but I'm glad we took a few minutes to complete it. It really didn't take that long {outside of a couple trips to the store for craft paint} and it will prevent moisture from seeping behind the siding. We wanted to check it off our list before winter weather arrives.

What is on your winter-prep home maintenance list?

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