Kick-Off Friday

Welcome to Kick-Off Friday! I hope you are in the holiday spirit because I'm ready to share with you four great holiday decorating projects....are you ready?? Let's go!

1. These paper wrapped trees are so cute and a simple way to decorate your home for Christmas! The best part is you can easily change these up each year with different paper.  Check out the details here.

2. Looking for a unique way to decorate your tree this year? Take Jenn's advice and create some Instagram ornaments complete with DIY colorful stitching!  Visit My Fabuless Life to see more of her Instagram ornaments.

3. I love this mini bow ornament from Dusty from All Things G & D! So adorable and a great way to add color to your tree.  Stop by her blog here to see how you can make your own.

4. This DIY snow globe from a plastic cup would be a fun project to do with the kiddos this weekend--go here to see the step by step details.

That wrap's up this week's collection but don't worry I'll be back next week with more holiday decorating ideas!  Happy Friday everyone!

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