Printable Gift Tags for Souvenirs

In September we took our vacation. It was a cruise -- to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and the Cayman Islands. In each port we did a little shopping for Christmas gifts and found some unique items.

When the rush of Christmas arrives I want to make sure that each recipient knows where their gift originated -- even if we aren't able to be there when they open it or in case we forget to mention it.

scarf from Belize

I created some gift tags in Photoshop Elements and made a PDF version so that you can download it too. Print the PDF onto a heavy paper, like card stock, and cut out each tag. Punch a hole in the top and attach it to the souvenir with twine, ribbon or thread.

painted dish from Mexico

I'm excited to see our family and friends opening gifts this Christmas, reading about where their special item originated. If you'd like to use these gift tags, click on the image below to download the PDF file.

Did you pick up any souvenir-gifts this past summer? I hope you can use these tags to make them extra special.

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