My Favorite Source for Affordable Curtains

Curtains {or Drapes -- apparently they aren't exactly the same thing... who knew?} aren't cheap. Our new home is filled with windows -- which is one of my favorite things about it. However, it's a pricey investment to adorn all these lovely windows.

My first instinct was IKEA for curtains -- unfortunately it's over 3 hours away. So, even though they are very affordable at around $20 - $35 per pair, we have to also factor in the cost to get to IKEA... in gas, time spent and meals we'll be eating out, etc.

a set of IKEA curtains hung in our first home
So, even though I still check out the curtains at IKEA when we do get to visit; the rest of the year I rely on Home Goods as my primary source for curtains. {This isn't a sponsored post, by the way, just wanted to share this shopping tip with you!!}

The first curtains I picked up from Home Goods were for our dining room. They were $20 per pair and I needed 3 sets for the room.

our Dining Room at Christmas
Home Goods usually has a selection of both 84" and 96" lengths, as well.  Of course, it is a discount store, so the exact selection is always changing.

our Dining Room at Christmas
These are 84" curtains, which don't follow the "high and wide" rule but the curtain rods were already in place from the previous owner -- and the ceiling beams draw the eye up, anyway.

Our second set of Home Goods curtains is in my son's bedroom. They were $35 for the pair and are satin, blackout and thermal. These were 84" also; but there is a 3 inch hem which I can let out -- and still hang the curtains 6 inches above the window frame.

On another note -- this is your first real peak at the progress we've been making in my son's bedroom {I shared a tiny glimpse last Wednesday}.

Do you have a go-to source for curtains? I'd love to hear more recommendations!

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