Bedside Nursing & Diapering Station

With a new baby comes lots of stuff. Our little girl is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed until she's big enough to move into the nursery. In the meantime, I needed a quick solution for all of those late-night nursing and diapering sessions.

We've been working on our bedroom and one of my favorite things about the new layout is that there is enough room for both Mike and I to have a nightstand {after a year with only one small nightstand -- this is a big luxury}.

The yellow dresser was my first real furniture makeover. I'm not sure if it will be the permanent nightstand in our bedroom or whether it will remain yellow; but for the time being it is holding all my nighttime infant care items.

I put this nursing and diapering station together a couple days after getting home from the hospital. It was a quick and simple solution to get me through those long nights before our bedroom is really "finished." Sometimes you have to get organized before you can finish a project, because it's a necessity!

On top of the nightstand I keep her baby lotion, diaper rash cream and a thermometer. In the white dish is our ceiling fan remote so that I can turn the lights on at night to feed her. It's got a dimmer function, too, which is perfect for the middle of the night.

In the mason jar I keep my lanolin, hand sanitizer, hand lotion and chapstick. Cleaning your hands constantly from diaper changes results in dry hands any time of the year, let alone in February.

The bottom drawer holds some reading material, wipes and diapers. It has been so nice to just open this drawer and grab what I need at each feeding for diaper changes. I don't even have to get out of the bed; but these bulkier items aren't taking up any of space on top of the dresser.

In the top drawer I've got some kleenex and my body lotion {again.... because it's February}. The coconut oil works like lanolin as a moisturizer after feedings; but it is also anti-fungal and can help prevent thrush.

Do you have a newborn on the way? Here are some items that you might want bedside.



Infant Care

Mommy Care

If you don't have a little one on the way, you could make a kit from these items to give at the next baby shower you attend.

Moms, what else would you store beside your bed for those early infant days?

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