Build a Window Frame Shelf

One of my favorite craft fair purchases ever is hanging in our bathroom... and it isn't art.

I bought it at the Vintage Marketplace in Indianapolis; but can't recall the name of the vendor. If you know who makes these in that area, please comment, I'd love to give them credit!!

This shelf is probably the most asked about item from our Bathroom Renovation, besides the floor tile. So, today, I'm sharing a semi-tutorial on how to make one. Of course, I didn't make this shelf; but recreating it would be fairly straightforward.

Note: I'm sharing this with a very simple method. Someone who is talented with wood and building furniture could create a more "professional" version... but they probably don't need my tutorial anyway! This method is how I would go about building it.

Of course, first, you'll need an old window frame!

The vendor who made this shelf had collected wooden window frames in a variety of sizes and finishes; but they all had character, texture and detail.

Next, build a simple box that matches the dimensions of your window frame.

You won't need mitered edges or anything fancy, since the window frame will get mounted to the front and cover up the joints.

Place the frame onto the front of your box and determine where the shelf will need to be located. You'll want to line it up behind the center muntin {that's a window term I googled: window frame parts} of the window frame.

Again, you can attach the shelf pretty simply. Just use screws or nails along the back and sides. Putty over any nail heads that show on the side.

This can really be quite a simple DIY project!

I loved how this window frame was left sanded and stained; but the vendor has also painted some to match the shelf {in other words, this one would be all white}. I bet the frame would be pretty in a deep charcoal, as well. You could also use a pretty fabric or wrapping paper on the back of your shelf. So many options!

If you tackle this DIY, I'd love to see a photo of your finished product.

Have you ever made anything else out of an old window frame? What was it?

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