DIY Monthly Baby Photos // Baby Shower Gift

My baby is already one month old!

I wanted to design a monthly photo shoot that was simple and easy -- otherwise I know I'll procrastinate each month.

Here's the supplies:

Printable Monthly Art

I chose to go with simple 8.5x11 artwork that could be printed on a standard printer. Since we had a baby girl, I also wanted something feminine. Lately, watercolor has been one of my favorite digital techniques so that was an easy choice! You can buy this printable here.

Versatile Backdrop

Instead of choosing a spot in our home to take each month's photo, I chose a backdrop that can go anywhere. This means that I can take the photo where the light is best in our home each month. I also don't have to miss a photo if we are traveling, since this is a "mobile" backdrop. These photos were taken on a gloomy, rainy day; but she and the blanket were next to the window with the most light.

Also, once she's able to sit up, I could drape the blanket over a piece of furniture and still keep the same backdrop.


Initially, I planned to stick each month's photo in an 8x10 frame. However, a clipboard is even easier than a picture frame in terms of mounting each printable. It's also a good size reference for how big she is each month. By month 12, she'll be so much bigger than this clipboard and it will be great to see how she has grown.

White Onesies

These are the best for a quick photo shoot because the neutral color will work with any background and most moms already have them on hand. I also like onesies because you can still see their chubby legs, tiny feet and sweet little hands.

This could easily be turned into a baby shower gift. Just order and print the monthly artwork {if you like this version, buy it here}, buy some onesies in assorted sizes {here is amazon's selection **affiliate link} and a clipboard. If you are crafty, include a quilted or crocheted blanket that can be a special keepsake and a backdrop.

Did you take monthly baby photos of your little one? Any tips?

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UPDATE: Here's a glimpse at the first six months!

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