A Simple Tip // How to Turn Your Child's Craft into Artwork

My son brings home crafts from preschool several times a week. One of my favorites was a watercolor "U is for Umbrella" page.

However, it was on blue construction paper and the teacher had written "U is for Umbrella" along the side. Of course, that is perfect for school; but not so much for wall art.

I came up with a simple formula -- that I'll definitely be using again -- when I want to turn my son's crafts into artwork.

Frame + White Matte + Black Cardstock + Art

I took the Umbrella and Raindrops off the blue construction paper and attached them to black cardstock. The black background is stylish and modern, and has that "art gallery" feel.


Then, when paired with a white matte and frame, it feels expensive and special.

Have you framed some of your child's crafts? How do you make it feel like a real work of art?

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