Making 3 Simple Goals // Week #1

So, how did I do?

Well, I wanted to fix the paint in our bedroom. After seeing it with different lighting over several weeks, there were some spots where the paint didn't fully cover.

Status: 75% -- 3 out of 4 walls are done and I'll be painting the final wall today.

I needed to finish the trim in the bathroom by caulking and painting it.

Status: DONE!

 My cardigans and scarves had nowhere to hang since painting our bedroom. So I wanted to hang my clothing hooks for function.

Status: DONE!

Here are the goals for week #2...


{something that isn't right}

We've lived here over a year and worked on multiple projects. I need to clean up the wall scuffs and "oops" spots on our baseboard trim where paint has dripped.

Looks like I need to wipe down the baseboards -- just pretend you don't see that dust! ;)


{something that is incomplete}

We had some plumbing problems fixed when we completed our bathroom and never closed the hole back up downstairs. It's just a vent cover {to give us future access}
 and a pretty easy fix; but we've skipped doing it week after week.


{something that makes life easier}

My spices are in a kitchen drawer right now. I'd like to free up that drawer and get the spices out on the counter for easy access.

What would be your 3 goals this week?

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