Making 3 Simple Goals // Week #3

So, how did I do?

Well, I wanted to fix the towel hooks in our bathroom. As I mentioned at the end of this post, they were a little wobbly. We screwed the wooden dowels into a scrap piece of wood and attached it to the wall.

Status: 90% -- we need to get two long screws and secure it into the wall studs, as well.

We wanted to finish hanging curtain rods and curtains in the bedroom now that the painting is complete. I've still got more plans for these window treatments; but at least we've got some privacy in the meantime.

Status: DONE!

Note: I'm curious... how are you feeling about the yellow nightstand in this room? My instinct is to go with a grey or wood tone, but the yellow is growing on me.

My kitchen is feeling much more functional; thanks to a little bit of purging, re-organization and this spice jar project. The spice jar drawer? It's still empty -- along with 2 other drawers! I still may tweak a few things; but I want to live with the changes for awhile.

Status: DONE!

clockwise from top left: kid cups & utensils // coupons & take-out menus // serving platters // dishes

We are going to be unusually busy for a few days, so I want to keep the to-do list simple this week. So, here are the goals for week #4...


{something that isn't right}

I've got a small wall paint touch-up to do in the dining room and several wall scuffs to fix in the stairwell. 

dining room paint


{something that is incomplete}

Last spring we worked on our master and guest bedroom closet. The guest bedroom closet was never completed; even though there isn't much more to do. It would be great to finish that this week.

master bedroom closet


{something that makes life easier}

Warmer weather is here; but the winter gear is still easiest to access in our coat closet. Like the kitchen, a mini-purge and re-organization should improve things!

What would be your 3 goals this week?

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