Making 3 Simple Goals // Week #4

I'm back a day late to discuss my goals for the week. I mentioned it was going to an unusually busy week -- and it was; but I still got a fair amount done. This next will be the same which means I'll be choosing simple goals for this week, too.

So, how did I do?

The easiest task for the week was fixing some wall scuffs in the stairwell and a paint touch-up in the dining room. However, even though it was the easiest, I only fixed the paint in the dining room. Next week, I'll work on the wall scuffs.

Status: 30%

We were thisclose to finishing the guest bedroom closet; but I was one bracket short. Such a bummer; but it's already on it's way from Amazon. The contents of the closet aren't really organized yet; but here's a glimpse at what we did.

Status: 90%

Our coat closet is a little more functional; now that the winter items are stowed away, the summer items are easy to access... and with the addition of some labels!

Status: DONE!

Here are the goals for week #5...


{something that isn't right}

Fix those wall scuffs in the stairwell. Yes, your eyes aren't fooling you, they aren't really visible in this photo.


{something that is incomplete}

We'd love to finish our dining room light. We are finally really close; it has been such a project {which I'll explain when it's all finally done}. We really don't know if we'll be able to finish it this week or not since that will depend on if everything "works;" but we want to try! Wish us luck :)


{something that makes life easier}

Now that our guest bedroom closet is finished {well, when we get that bracket on Saturday}, I want to get it organized. My clothes are going to go in there temporarily until we have wardrobes in our bedroom.

What would be your 3 goals this week?

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