DIY Reflective Mailbox Numbers // A Simple Tip

Sometimes, DIY is all about solving problems. Our mailbox sits right at the top of a hill, after a curve. We've lived here a little over a year, and it has already been hit once.

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After it got hit, we invested in a sturdier mailbox and post. Once we spent the money, we wanted to do what we could to prevent it from happening again.


cutting board
craft knife {I use this one}
reflective tape
straight edge
small round objects

I bought some reflective tape from Amazon to cut into numbers. This set included 8 sheets for $7 -- which left additional 2"x4" recflectors to use on the post, also.

If you have a Cricut or similar device, you could just cut the numbers out using that machine {I do actually have a Cricut; but for the purpose of this post I wanted to give the utility knife a try}.

Depending on what numbers you need, use a combination of your straight edge and round items. For example, for the 8, I used a Silly String Can for the outer circle and and Spool of Thread for the inner circle. The top of the 9 was cut in the same way and I used the straight edge for the base of it.

The reflectors aren't the prettiest things in the world; but they should catch a driver's attention as they round that curve towards our mailbox. For both our address and the reflectors, I felt like this method was pretty cost effective; but Amazon also sells some pre-made reflective numbers, too.

By the way, I really like the mailbox that Mike chose.

It has a classic feel and was pretty comparably priced. If you are interested, here is the one we bought {however -- I'm not sure if the color was bronze or not -- we found it at a local hardware store and I don't have the box anymore}:

Also -- it is so hot here today that just taking these photos had me sweating. How is the weather where you are?

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