Main Level Bath // Updates

Last summer, we bought a marble vanity top for our upstairs bathroom. Since marble comes in a slab, we went ahead and replaced the vanity in our main level bath, too. It was cheaper to do both at the same time than it would have been to replace them separately.

Even though the marble vanity top has been in place since last summer, we've just got back to working on the space. Today, I want to share a little more about our plans for the room.

Like most of the other rooms in this house, we had to remove some wallpaper. The wallpaper in this room was applied directly to un-primed drywall {in other words... A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE TO REMOVE}. The walls were pretty dinged up and we still may do some more work on them. If you are fighting wallpaper and need some drywall repair tips, head over to this post.

We painted the walls in Delicate White by Porter Paint, which is the same color that is in our upstairs bath.

In the upstairs bathroom we got a new vanity and counter; but we are using the existing vanity in the main floor bath. It has received quite the transformation over the last couple weeks {we shared a peek of the progress on our facebook page}.

The following photo pretty much sums up the direction we are going...

... or to put it this way:

The forecast for this week is only showing highs in the mid-80s {hal-le-lu-jah!}. The bath has been my project when it is too hot to be outside, so I don't see much more happening right away. Plus, I still haven't made a final decision about those dinged up walls.

Do you consider mid-80s hot or comfortable? After weeks in the 90s, a high of 75 over the weekend almost had a chill in the air.

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