Kick Off Friday // 5 DIY Projects with Wood

Tomorrow is the first day of August {don't forget to participate in the giveaway, it ends on Monday} and maybe it's thinking about the upcoming fall season that has me drawn to the warmth of timeless wood pieces this week.

1. Need some motivation to take a relaxing bath? Build this simple bath tray with instructions from Urban Acreage.

2. Spice up a plain-jane wooden dresser with a stencil and paint; like this one from Tara Grangroth Design.

3. Revitalize an old wooden footstool with twine, like Anderson & Grant did here.

4. This wooden art from Shabby Love  feels a little rustic with modern style {and -- like Melissa -- I'm a fan of tribal patterns, too}.

5. You must read the story behind this wooden sign. Then, talk with your family members and create some family history art {or you could hire Kim}.

Have a great weekend!

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