Kick Off Friday // 5 Vintage Style Home Decor Projects

Happy Friday! If you've followed this blog very long, you know that I love the character {and often, the price} that vintage pieces can add in your home. Each of these vintage -- or vintage style -- items are perfect for a weekend project.

#1 Take some basic oak shelves, and give them an antiqued white finish.

#2 Update a small set of drawers {you can get a similar unfinished set at the craft store} with leather, chalkboard paint and vintage-style drawer pulls.

#3 Replace your builder-basic bathroom mirror with something old and unique... maybe a mirror that was previously paired with an antique vanity table.

#4 Hang all your scarves on a chair back. There are plenty of old, wooden chairs to be found at yard sales.

#5 Create black and white vintage look-alike number plates for your walls.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of creative inspiration.

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