6 Months

It has already been 6 months since our baby girl was born.

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She likes to....

She doesn't like to...

  • eat apples or baby oatmeal
  • ride in her car seat
  • be put into her car seat 
  • play on her back
  • feel tired
  • take naps

She also didn't like her 2-month photo shoot, apparently ;)

She seems more opinionated than her brother was at this age. He was so relaxed that I'd forget a feeding because he would never cry! She lets us know when she is hungry... or tired or mad. However, the rest of the time she is all smiles. Seriously -- she is just full of smiles and is such a happy baby. And she wins everyone over with that big gummy grin.

Your family loves you to pieces, sweet baby girl -- and Big Brother is so, so, proud of every new thing that you learn to do.

Note: Sorry, no Kick Off Friday today, we've been visiting family and enjoying the State Fair. Have a lovely weekend!!

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