Time to Get Moving // Removing Wallpaper

I'll be honest -- I've been dragging my feet.

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Or -- you know -- hanging out at the water park.

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Seriously, though, after removing wallpaper in 4 rooms I have been avoiding starting the next one.  That is, until this past weekend. I bit the bullet and got back at it.

This time, I'm working on the laundry room. It is adjacent to the main level bath and that room was horrible when it came to removing the wallpaper. I spent several hours working on a section that was no bigger than 3 ft x 2 ft. Luckily, the laundry room has been much easier. 

The vinyl layer tears off pretty easily and then after a good soak, the paper layer can be peeled up.

If it's stubborn, one of these multipurpose tools does the trick.

Next on my to-do list is sanding away the glue {well I think the pink layer might be glue?}. I'm more familiar with glue that appears white to slightly yellowed, so the pink throws me off. Does anyone know?

We're tentatively working towards replacing this floor and the bedroom floor in the next month or so. This may mean a lot of in-progress updates; which I hope you enjoy. I know that I like to see other bloggers share the "ugly" on the way to the finished project. It's a good reminder that this stuff doesn't happen overnight.

What project have you been dragging your feet to begin?

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